crushha makes use of the yield from statement in Python 3.3 or greater and as such the minimum supported version of Python is 3.3.

crushha is a fully self contained pure python module with no dependencies beyond the stdlib. As such a simple pip install will install the package.

$ pip install crushha

Note that it is not recommended to do this as root. if you need this available to all code running under your current user please install the module user wide with the following command:

$ pip install --user crushha

If the module needs to be accessible to a different user please consider using a virtualenv or installing a package provided by the OS that contains the crushha library.


If you are hacking on the source for crushha, several commands in the Makefile have been provided to get a standard environment up quickly.

to build a virtual environment to a standard location use the following command:

$ make virtual

This will proceed to build a virtual environment that you can then activate for your current shell with the following command:

$ . venv/bin/activate

Your current python installation is now separate from the Operating System provided one allowing you to add packages without root privileges.

To activate the crushha source repository as a module in your new virtual environment, issue the following command.

$ make develop

This will activate the module in such a way that any changes made to the module itself are reflected instantly without having to re-install the module every time.